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Our company offers all Molex SATA products, ready  made and custom cables with Molex connectors. With our cable manufacturing capabilities in USA, Mexico, and China we can be your One Stop Source for Molex SATA.

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About the Molex Serial ATA (SATA) Interconnect Products
Molex leads the connector industry with the largest growing family of Serial ATA interconnect solutions. Along with the digital  revolution, the ability to create, store and distribute vast amounts of music data and games is continually driving demand for  higher speed, higher capacity storage drives with increasingly smaller form factors. This has opened up new storage applications  for Serial ATA as hard disk drives are increasingly being designed into a growing number of HDD-DVD recorders, home servers, multimedia hubs, LCD TVs, digital jukeboxes, HDD-enabled Molex SATA Cablesgame consoles, audio players and automobile audio visual products.

 Molex is positioned to help storage makers take an early shot at this fast popularizing technology market. With the broadest line of Serial ATA Board-to-Board and  Cable-to-Board interconnects that support storage applications for desktop, mobile and enterprise computing, and consumer electronics, Molex is helping the world's leading  storage makers and their users get their products to the market sooner, with greater reliability and lower cost. 

Locking Latches
Locking latches for signal cables have recently been approved by the Serial ATA Working Group. Positive locking latches ensure cables will stay connected. Molex offers latching cable receptacles in both straight and right angle versions. This ensures an  easy transition when converting existing designs from Parallel ATA to Serial ATA. 

Molex SATA Cables with Locking LatchesLocking PCB signal plugs are also available in both vertical and right angle versions and  are backwards compatible. The extra plastic shroud used by the cable locking mechanism ensures the signal plugs are more robust than the original SATA design. The  vertical plug is available in both SMT and through-hole versions.




Applications of Molex SATA Interconnect Products

  • Desktop Computing
    • Hard Disk Drive
    • Motherboard
    • Power Supply
    • Adapters
    • Controller Boards
    • Data Protection
    •  Workstation
  • Mobile Computing
    • Notebook PC
    • Sub-Notebook PC
    • Media PC
    • Multimedia Peripherals
  • Emerging Trends
    • Set-Top Box
    • Digital Audio
    • Automotive - Navigation
    • Brown Goods
    • Optical Drives
    • HDTV Home Theatre
    • Games - 3D Video
  • Enterprise Computing
    • Mid Range Servers
    • Network Storage
    • RAID Storage
    • Backplane
    • Internet Service

Cabling Products for 10 Gbps Ethernet 

As the industry broadens the adoption of multi-gigabit systems, we offer  all the connectivity products for server-to-server communication and blade server platforms in enterprise data centers.

Cabling Products for 10 Gbps Ethernet


As a well established Molex distributor we offer all the Molex Cables, Molex Adapters, Molex Fiber Optics, Molex SATA  Products, at the lowest prices.

Older and newer SATA Cables are available. If you don't find the SATA cabling products you need, please contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you select or custom manufacture the right products for your application.

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