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We offer a wide variety of high performance cables for storage systems, such as SFP+ Patch  Cables, SFP/Infiniband Cable Assemblies & Infiniband Loopback Modules. We have in stock standard SFP/Infiniband Cables & Infiniband Modules and we can ship them Same Day. Our Infiniband cable assemblies meet or exceed all the electrical, mechanical, and physical  standard specifications for interconnects in the InfiniBand I/O architecture.

For standard and custom SFP+, SFP and Infiniband cables, please Request a Quote.

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Infiniband Cable Assemblies

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For wholesale prices and reseller opportunities, please contact us. For almost two decades we served our customers with  high quality cabling products at very competitive prices. With a very diversified product line and cable manufacturing facilities in  the USA, Mexico, and China, we can be your OEM partner and a true One Stop Shop for connectivity products.

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 If you are interested to buy original Molex patch cables for Infiniband and SFP applications, please contact us for a Quick Quote.

About the Molex SFP+ Patch Cables

 The Molex SFP+ Patch Cables connect 10 Gbps host systems at a much lower cost than optical cables

SFP+ 10Gbps Interconnect System from Molex supports next generation speeds of standard SFP applications.

The SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable) connectors, cages and patch cables are the latest additions to  Molex's extensive SFP product line. SFP+ takes SFP to the next level. SFP+ interconnects are designed to support applications  for 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and 10 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet, as opposed to SFP which is designed to support 2.125 Gbps Fibre  Channel and 2.5 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet applications. SFP+ interconnects use the same space-per-port as standard SFP  interconnects, therefore providing 10 Gbps capability in a space that is 30% smaller than XFP.

SFP+ was developed under a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) by a group of diverse companies to ensure industry-wide  compatibility. The SFP+ specification will address requirements for greater power, reduced cost and smaller footprints than existing 10 Gbps MSA's (Xenpak, XPAK, X2 and XFP).

 Molex's SFP+ copper cable assemblies incorporate optional active circuitry which require no additional special-driver circuitry  than optical modules. IC interface and on-board EEPROM enable the host to detect or configure specific performance  characteristics, provide LOS and Transmit disable and offer a number of additional host management capabilities.

The superior EMI girdle design feature ensures the industry's lowest EMI interference. Low power helps to maximize the number of ports that can be used per host board. 

Specilty Cables: Medical - Instrumentation - Industrial - General Electronics


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