Cable Tethered IP67/68 Enclosures

October 11, 2017 San Diego, California

We have developed new enclosures and processing techniques that enable small pcb assemblies to be placed inside a small form factor IP6X rated enclosure.

Whether the application is 100% custom or some hybrid of Ethernet, RS-232, 48X, USB etc. it can be encapsulated in the cable assembly to embed signal processing directly into the cable. These unique designs craft the best practices of Industrial Design with high quality materials including UL VW-1 flame rated cable and molding materials.

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IP67 and IP68 Enclosures for IP6X Rated Enclosures
IP67 and IP68 Enclosures for IP6X Rated Enclosures
Specilty Cables: Medical - Instrumentation - Industrial - General Electronics


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