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 Our company manufactures and distributes cables, wire harnesses and subassemblies to OEM's in a variety of industries including Instrumentation, Industrial Capital Equipment, Medical and Storage.

In our early years it was primarily the computer industry and the developing electronics OEMs that  were harnessing the PC and mini computers into many new different applications. As the electronics progressed so did the need for higher speed cables and wire harnesses that could be  used in different environments. To accommodate these industry changes we adapted to accommodate what the market was looking for. New product areas were developed such as molded cable products with polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber jackets and wire harnesses  became complex switch or fan assemblies often with embedded components such as resistors, diodes or transformer coils.

in the late 90s, we established a a cable manufacturing line in the U.S.A. The decision was made  to satisfy customer demand for quicker turns and smaller lot sizes or for assemblies that required components that were indigenous to North America.

 A dedication to consistently delivering quality products has always been a big part of the company's philosophy and commitment  to its customers. This is ensured by a continual process review from outside, independent auditors as well as a rigorous internal  audit program. We give our customers the kind of confidence that only comes from quality validated by autonomous review from  organizations like the UL for its Wire Harness designation or the British Standards Institute for its ISO 9001:2000 quality system.  The company also made an immediate commitment to embrace the IPC/WHMA-A- 620A requirements for the acceptability for  wire harnesses and cable assemblies when it was released several years ago. As company policy, the 620A standard is used as  a "minimum"standard for training and process control but often is exceeded by unique internal or customer required process and  testing standards. We are positioned to offer our customers a value proposition that is very special in the industry. Due to our  early commitment to China it has long established and well honed skills for managing the Asia supply chain. When this supply  chain, including machine shop services for tooling and fixtures, is coupled with the manufacturing resources available to it in  Tijuana, Mexico or San Diego, California, the real value to our customers begins to emerge.

 In 2004 the management team initiated two major goals to secure our industry position and sustain a track record of year-to-year  double-digit growth. The first goal was to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that would facilitate web  based purchasing, order entry, customer and vendor communications. This significant financial and resource investment has  begun to very positively impact the company's operations and external communications. The second initiative was developing  company-branded product lines that would be sold "as is"or that could serve as platforms that could be modified to uniquely suit customer applications.

Our product lines include high-performance, high-flex bulk cables for medical, vision system and robotics operations as well as finished assemblies for the vision system industry. We have also engineered and released several interconnect adapter products unique to the computer server and data storage industry. Most recently we have begun to offer molded silicone assemblies for industrial and medical customers.

 Our enterprising and ingenious staff will continue to facilitate our commitment to smart expansion without comprising our core  values of quality and service. Recent developments include customer inventory stocking programs in a duty-free zone in China for  intra-country deliveries and doubling the manufacturing capacity of our facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. The one constant  throughout the years has been our characteristically unique approach to our customers, ourselves and our industry.

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